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3 Steps to Your Job in the U.S.A.3-Steps-Mockup

Your Best Resource in Guiding International Students On Job Search

There are 7 ways to find a job, but most international students rely on just one method. In the already competitive job market, international students will find the approaches increase their opportunity to land a job that suits them in the U.S.A.

In this book you will learn:

  • Effective approach towards networking
  • The 3 step approach to job search: discovery, preparation and action
  • Developing your value statement, resumes, cover letters
  • Easy-to-modify examples for resumes, cover letter, networking script, interview question
  • Strategic way of networking
  • Linkedin and social media
  • Mastering professional interviews
  • Part time way to your full time job
  • International student interviews
  • Expert advice from an acclaimed job search coach, an international student consultant and other stakeholders
  • Effective and helpful solutions to the concerns that international students have during their job search process here in the united states
  • Sample answers and more.


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