19Nov 2015

When I worked in a university career center, most students stopped by only when they needed a resume update for an upcoming job fair. On the same token, when I hold a series of workshops at a university or career center, it is inevitable that the best attended one will be the resume workshop; much […]

13Nov 2015

On Oct. 29th, we had a webinar talking about how to more effectively use LinkedIn as a job seeker. If you miss the webinar or if you need a refresher, feel free to take a look at the recording. We also have the 5 frequently asked questions you might be interested in reading after the […]

13Jul 2015

Networking comes naturally to some, but not to everyone – and especially not to introverts and people from different cultures, such as international students. An invitation from your co-workers to join them at the end of the work day may be one of those situations that make you make up an excuse to to avoid […]

06Sep 2015

 1. You did not follow up after the interview. When I ask job candidates why they didn’t follow up, answers include, “They should be contacting me,” and “I didn’t know how or when to follow up.” Following up is critical, and shows that you care. If you did not follow up, the employer might have […]

06Jul 2015

At this writing, there have been thousands of views of my post, 5 Ways Boomers Hurt Their Job Search Chances – so I continue the conversation with 5 more ways on this post. If you have not read the original post with the first 5 ways, you can find it under the Blog tab on […]