27Aug 2015

1. Match Your Profile to Your Resume Your resume should speak to your target audience. Since you cannot have multiple profiles on LinkedIn (a good reason not to be sending out 10 completely different resumes), your profile should match the most preferred and realistic opportunity you are targeting. Make sure to add a professional looking […]

05Jul 2015

Despite the graphic that I chose to draw attention to this post – 50, 60, or even 70 are not what they used to be, and I have seen many of my “seasoned” clients succeed beyond their wildest dreams and expectations. So given this, why aren’t more 50+ workers more successful in their full time […]

21Aug 2015

Although non-profit work is often thought of as being better attuned to younger workers who may be more idealistic and willing to work for less compensation, it is an avenue that should also not be discounted by professionals coming out of the for-profit environment. Non-profit organizations are relatively insensitive to age and appreciative of corporate […]

11Aug 2015

Most job seekers start off by updating their resume. However, there is a critically important first step of Discovery that should precede any work on your resume. A short amount of time in Discovery will help you to avoid wasting a lot of time chasing poor or unrealistic opportunities. The Discovery Step: a. Inventory your […]

05Aug 2015

You just finished your job interview, but you are not sure how you performed. As soon as the interview is over, go to a quiet location and use the following check list to evaluate how you did, and take notes on how to improve for the next interview: My Non-Verbal Communication _ I maintained eye […]

30Jul 2015

Most job seekers have already been introduced to the concept of the “elevator pitch.” You may have also heard the term “value statement,” “personal branding statement,” or “professional branding statement.” Whatever you call it, if you want someone you meet in person to assist your job search; you need to explain your value in a […]