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Cares About People

“Steven is great at what he does because above all else he cares about people. Throughout my executive coaching experiences with Steven, I never feel like he loses sight of who I am or what I want to accomplish. In fact, he blends my uniqueness into his coaching advice. Despite his background, life and career, he doesn’t make it about him. He makes it about you and your goals.”

Russ Webster – Executive Sales Professional

Very Beneficial for Me

“I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation given by Steven Steinfeld at a career day workshop at the University of Minnesota. The knowledge he had shared in his workshop about the importance of informational interviews and maintaining an updated LinkedIn profile has proven very beneficial for me. I would highly recommend any student especially the international students to seek his assistance in their job search and career development.”

Anmol Jaguste – Biomedical Engineering Student

A new job in no time!

“After I started working with Steven in my job search, my confidence level went up which lead me to my current position as a Human Resources Manager for a great company. Steven helped me push negative thoughts out of my mind and only think positive — what is special about me that could benefit my targeted companies. If you need assistance with your job search — Steven is the first one to contact. You will have a new job in no time!”

Barbara Leach – Human Resources Manager

Highly Recommended

“I recently attended a job search presentation and workshop delivered by Steven. He has a polished, smooth, and engaging presentation style. I found Steven’s knowledgeable presentation to exhibit: Experience, Quality, Clarity, and Excellence. Conclusion: Highly recommended.”

David Stromberg – Senior Programmer Analyst or Senior Consultant

Energetic, innovative, and resourceful

“I had the pleasure of meeting Steven during his on-campus seminar at University of Illinois. It was an interactive seminar with lots of useful information on job searching, informational interviews, and networking. Steven is a highly energetic, innovative, and resourceful career advisor with an engaging style of presentation. I really enjoyed reading his book “3 steps to your job in USA” and would recommend it to any international student looking for a job.”

Nidhi Khanna – Postdoctoral Fellow at Wellspring Biosciences

An Inspiration

“Steven has been an inspiration for my career journey. During coaching interview process, he taught me how to be bold and highlight my specialties to attract my dream job rather to find generic a job. His expertise guided me how to present my strength and to be bold enough to let the potential employer know my weakness but very positive and powerful ways. His coach has been giving me confidence, motivation and hope. He has such a caring heart to serve people.”

Aunhwa Kwon – Commercial Interior Designer

Demystifying the USA Job Search

“Steven does a wonderful job of demystifying the USA job search for international students. By using relevant examples and interview, international students will feel a much stronger connection to the content process.”

Aisha Ghori – National Director Career Services at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology

This Book Is the Best Ever

“This book 3 Steps to Your Job in the USA is the best ever to be written for international students on the practical approach to finding  work in the USA! It’s a must read for all F1 students.”

Craig Piatti – CEO, InternshipDesk

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