Factors that have intensified the job search challenge for Over 40 professionals over the last several years include the following:

  1. Traditional job search methods rarely work. Of the 10 million job applications submitted to a job board that were recently studied, only a small fraction of 1% resulted in a job offer
  2. Up to 80% of jobs are never posted
  3. Fewer than 25% of posted jobs are filled by an outside candidate
  4. It’s no longer unusual for a company to receive thousands of resumes in response to a single posting
  5. An increasing number of professional jobs are being lost to globalization
  6. Almost 50% of U.S. workers say they are underemployed and looking for a better opportunity
  7. A growing number of jobs require intermediate or advanced computer or other technology related skills
  8. Unfair stereotypes of older workers continue to be entrenched
  9. A record number of seasoned professionals are delaying retirement
  10. The best jobs do not usually go to the most qualified candidate

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