1. Take the time to identify the tops strengths of each of your team members and put them to the best use possible.
  2. Give the same respect to your employees that you would like them to show to you; including sensitivity to their work/life balance and personal issues.
  3. Set high goals, but do not set ones that are realistically unattainable. Doing so will create unnecessary stress, distrust and resentment.
  4. When hiring and retaining employees, look first for passion and positive attitude.
  5. Lead by example. Drive for shared values.
    • Start by showing humility.
    • Expect greatness from each employee
    • Always maintain the highest ethical standards.
    • Be predictable and reliable.
  6. Get together with your team members socially after work, even if you don’t drink alcohol. You will find that you will not only get to know them better, but will also get to know ideas and challenges facing your team that they may be hesitant to bring up during work hours.
  7. Understand and respect everyone’s unique personality and communication style. If you need help understanding your own style and how to better communicate with your employees, contact steven@steinfeldcoaching.com to arrange a DiSC personality assessment.
  8. Mentor your employees, but only if you are committed to spending the requisite amount of time with each one on a regular basis.
  9. Do not hesitate to fire or reassign an employee who is not pulling his or her weight. Chances are they are in the wrong job. They may even thank you later.
  10. Groom all of your employees for promotion. Ultimately, their success will be your greatest legacy as a leader.

Steven Steinfeld is the author of 3 Steps to Your Job in the USALinkedIn for International Students3 Steps to Your Best Job Ever, and the soon to be published 3 Steps to Your Best Job Ever – MBA Edition. Learn more about him and his job search and career advancement services at steinfeldcoaching.com.