I recently posted two articles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter explaining that this is a great time of the year to ramp up your job search. One main reason is that employers do more hiring in January and February than any other time of the year. Another reason is that many of your competitors for the best jobs have decided to take a vacation from networking and other critical job search activities until mid-January.

If you are like most job seekers, you are not sure how to conduct an effective search leading to the best and quickest results. The following are 10 resolutions that will get your job search off to a great start or restart.

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I will learn and follow an established job search process (like Steinfeld Coaching’s 3-step approach of Discovery, Preparation and Action).
  2. I will update my resume and LinkedIn profile until I am sure that it tells a compelling, easy to read and relevant story about what I can contribute to a specific organization or client.
  3. I will not depend on sending my resume to job postings, recognizing that each submission has a much less than 1% chance of leading to a job offer. Instead, I will focus on proactively networking with alumni and other professionals in my field.
  4. I will have “written” weekly goals, and I will look at them every morning. They can be on my phone or even scribbled on a piece of paper on my fridge. One job search goal will be to build my number of LinkedIn connections every day.
  5. I will develop a compelling “elevator pitch” for informal and formal networking opportunities; and will use modified versions of my elevator pitch on my resume and LinkedIn summaries.
  6. I will stay organized with a spreadsheet that helps me keep track of people who might help my job search and when and why I will follow up with them.
  7. I will focus on informational interviews that can provide me with helpful information and advice and might lead to recommendations for job interviews.
  8. I will volunteer to build my network, sharpen or develop skills, and improve my self-worth; but I will volunteer strategically.
  9. I will stay away from negative people who might lower my confidence or disrupt my plans (“Still looking for a job Steven? Maybe you should look for a new career?).
  10. I will keep in mind that mindset is very important to job search results. I will therefore not procrastinate, and will do my best to stay active, confident and determined to succeed despite perceived setbacks.

Please don’t let these resolutions be like many of the ones that we often break. Make yourself a promise right now to watch this brief video of a talk I gave to a group of international students at Northwestern University recently. Whether you are an international student or not, the same job search process and 99% of the information and advice given applies to you. In fact, many non-international students attended my talk, and gave us great feedback. Simply click the button below.

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