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Executive to Executive Coaching, Inc.

E2EC is the parent company of Steinfeld Coaching. E2EC’s primary mission is helping companies and their executives and professionals to leadership and career advancement.

Executive to Executive Coaching for Organizations

Executive Coaching is a $3B business and growing. Increasingly, leading organizations are making this high-ROI investment in their senior executives, high potential managers, and disruptive leaders who threaten the mission and goals of the organization.

Executive Coaching facilitates growth and development for organizational leaders and focuses on achieving exceptional, sustainable results. At E2EC, an indicative initial three-month engagement encompasses:

  • Three 90 minute sessions: at the start, mid-engagement, and completion
  • Regular 30-45 minute phone coaching sessions to assure focus and progress
  • Written coaching session summaries for evidence of progress
  • Behind the scenes assistance to support learning, growth and attainment of goals
  • Access between scheduled coaching sessions

Engagements are designed to achieve each client’s specific goals and timeline for results. For cultural change or enhanced organizational leadership, we suggest a coordinated effort with multiple employee engagements.

E2EC can also further the work of teams through a synergistic approach to group coaching. E2EC Team coaching sparks connections and fosters alignment for shared vision and goals.

Why was Executive To Executive Coaching formed?

E2EC coaches recognized a need to collaborate with other executive coaches with similar leadership experience but differing styles to share and implement one-to-one coaching best practices. They also work as a team to establish coaching cultures within and across organizations.

We also recognized a need to provide a single point of access for clients to engage coaches to provide wide ranging expertise to seminars, group training, leadership retreats, and motivational and developmental speaking engagements.

Our team has a proven track record delivering measurable results in a wide variety of organizations, situations, and initiatives. We are executive coaches with real world leadership experience. Our focus is on furthering strengths that lead to measurable results at the point of impact, working with the challenges and opportunities that matter most to our clients.

What ROI can we expect on an investment in executive coaching?

According to a recent study by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the overwhelming majority of people who have experienced professional coaching are satisfied and would recommend coaching to others. In previous research, the ICF found that coaching is generating a very good return on investment — a median return of seven times the initial investment for businesses, and nearly 3.44 times for individuals who use coaching.

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