It’s Not You

When people ignore your connection requests on LinkedIn, it likely has way more to do with their lack of openness, their priorities, their attention to LinkedIn — than it does with you. And when a potential employer rejects you, its likely it has more to do with them — their most important hiring criteria, their culture, their more qualified or highly recommended candidates — than it does with you. So don’t take it personally! If you do, you will be sure to fall into a negative mindset that will effect the speed and outcome of your job search.

It Really Is You

On the other hand, maybe it is about you. Are you sure that you are pursuing your best fit connections, career, industry, company or job? If not, you may want to challenge your assumptions and act without knowing the results.

Challenge Your Assumptions

Let’s face it. We make many mistakes in life. So why do we often assume that we are a great match for a particular career, company or job posting without getting information and advice from informed sources. If you do, you will often find out that there are better and more realistic options, or simple a better way to present yourself. Use LinkedIn to get started by connecting with people in your field at your target careers, jobs, industries and companies.

Act Without Knowing the Results

Arrange as many coffees and lunches (or Skype calls if outside your geography) as possible with all levels of people connected to your field at your target career, job, industry and companies. You never know who can give you important information (e.g. company culture, unadvertised hiring criteria) and advice or lead you directly or indirectly to hiring managers and key influencers.

Also, don’t feel that you have to go it alone. If you need help to identify your best connections, new career, or next job, let’s set up a time to talk to me at Steinfeld Coaching about your goals and challenges. It’s free!

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